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Welcome to the world of Tasty Lessons - a unique subscription service for monthly culinary lessons! We offer you the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey through the world of flavors and culinary traditions, right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

About Us

At Tasty Lessons, we believe that cooking is not just a necessity but a creative and enjoyable experience. Our mission is to empower home cooks of all skill levels to explore their culinary potential and create delicious meals with confidence. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced chef seeking to expand your repertoire, we have something for everyone.

Each month, our team of expert chefs curates a selection of mouthwatering recipes from around the globe. From Italian pasta dishes to spicy Thai curries, from classic French pastries to innovative fusion creations, our recipe collection is diverse and inspiring. Alongside each recipe, we provide a carefully crafted lesson plan that guides you step-by-step through the cooking process. You'll learn essential techniques, discover new ingredients, and gain insights into the cultural significance of each dish.

Diverse Recipe Selection:

Tasty Lessons provides a wide variety of recipes from different culinary traditions and cuisines around the world. Whether you're craving Italian pasta dishes, spicy Thai curries, or classic French pastries, Tasty Lessons has something to suit every taste.

Expert Guidance:

With Tasty Lessons, you'll receive step-by-step guidance from experienced chefs. Each recipe comes with a carefully crafted lesson plan that walks you through the cooking process, teaching you essential techniques and providing helpful tips along the way. You'll gain valuable culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen.


Tasty Lessons takes care of the shopping for you. Along with the recipes, you'll receive pre-portioned, high-quality ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. This eliminates the need to search for specific ingredients or waste money on excess groceries. Everything you need for each recipe will be conveniently provided, saving you time and effort.

Community Engagement:

Tasty Lessons fosters a sense of community among its subscribers. Through their online platform, you can connect with fellow food enthusiasts, participate in live cooking demonstrations, and engage in interactive workshops. You'll have the opportunity to share your culinary journey, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback from the Tasty Lessons team and other members of the community.

Tasty Lessons

But Tasty Lessons is more than just a box of recipes. We strive to create a community of passionate food lovers who can connect, share their culinary journeys, and inspire each other. As a subscriber, you'll gain access to our online platform, where you can join live cooking demonstrations, participate in interactive workshops, and engage in discussions with fellow food enthusiasts. You'll also have the chance to interact directly with our chefs, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback.

We understand that convenience is key in today's fast-paced world. That's why we take care of the shopping for you. Along with the recipes, we provide pre-portioned, high-quality ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. No more searching for exotic spices or wasting money on excess groceries. With Tasty Lessons, you'll have everything you need to create culinary masterpieces right at your fingertips.


Tasty Lessons

Join Tasty Lessons today and unlock a world of culinary delights. Discover new flavors, unleash your creativity, and become the chef you've always aspired to be. Let's embark on this delicious journey together!

Basic Plan

This plan provides access to a limited number of recipes and lessons. Subscribers of the basic plan can choose from a diverse library of recipes to learn how to cook various dishes. Within this plan, they also gain access to basic cooking techniques and helpful tips from professional chefs. This plan offers an excellent starting point for those who are just beginning their culinary journey.

    $25 per month

    Premium Plan

    The Tasty Lessons premium plan provides full access to the entire library of recipes and lessons, including exclusive content available only to subscribers of this plan. Premium plan subscribers receive an expanded set of lessons, including more complex recipes and in-depth cooking techniques. They can also receive personalized recommendations and feedback from experienced chefs. The premium plan is ideal for experienced cooks who want to expand their skills and discover new culinary horizons.

      $50 per month

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